Sunday Morning

  1. Announcements

    At the start of the service, someone will share upcoming events at City Lights Church.

  2. Teaching/Preaching

    We believe the Bible contains God’s perfect and true words written down for us to apply to every part of life. And since the entire Bible revolves around Jesus and what He did for us on the cross, that’s what we teach. You’ll hear plainly about who Jesus is and what He’s done, so you can grow closer to Him and be changed by Him.

  3. Offering

    Tithing (giving a tenth of one’s income) is more than supporting your church’s mission — it is a vital act of worship to God. However, if you are just visiting, or you’re not a Christian, please do not feel obligated to give as the offering baskets are passed around.

  4. Worship

    Our band leads us in singing songs to God for 20-25 minutes. It’s doing what He created us for — honoring and loving Him. We want to worship in a manner that’s real, and for us, that means genuine heartfelt response to God.

  5. Prayer

    At the end of each service, those who want to receive prayer are invited forward during one last song. We believe that God is real and that He answers prayer. If you choose to present yourself for prayer, someone from our prayer team will meet you there and respectfully pray for you.

Current Teaching Series

The Life of Joseph