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 City Lights Church is governed by a group of elders who have been nominated by the church, found to meet Biblical qualifications for leaders, and been ordained by the church for the work of preaching, teaching, and shepherding.  Our elders share equally the responsibility for the overall policy, control, direction and management of the ministry, operations, and finances of the church.  


While some of our elders are employed as full-time staff, a majority are not employed by the church. Elders, overseers, and pastors are synonyms in the New Testament, and all of the elders at City Lights take responsibility for pastoring the members of the church.

Brian Waite.jpg

Brian Waite


John McNeill.jpg

John McNiell

Nathan Wyatt.jpg

Nathan Wyatt


Blaine Stewart.jpg

Blaine Stewart
Elder in Residence

Steve Oros.jpg

Steve Oros

Brian Dukes.jpg

Brian Dukes
Elder in Residence

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