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If you're interested in getting connected at City Lights Church,

there are three ways to get started:

Fellowship Hall.jpg

Attend Sunday service regularly.

Sunday service is where we get a chance to gather together for worship and receive Bible teaching. It's the place where we're reminded of what's true, and where we're spurred on to live out what we believe the other six days of the week. Sunday service is where we can invite new friends to hear the simple truth about who Jesus is and what He's done for them. If you're interested in being involved at City Lights, this is the most fundamental step.

On a Sunday morning
Small Group.jpg

Get into a small group and

attend it consistently.

If you only attend the Sunday worship service, you may attend for months and not really get to know many people - that's just how it works in larger gatherings! Our Small Groups are designed to help you make new friends, apply the Bible to your life, and receive the support and encouragement that we all need. We have Small Groups that meet all over St. Louis area.



While we don't believe that the "Sunday experience" is the end all be all of the Christian life, we do place value in the members of the church being "owners" of the church. That the individuals that make up this local expression of God's worldwide church would all play a part in helping it run. If you call City Lights your home church, we encourage you to find somewhere in the church to use your giftings or to simply serve. Whether that's playing music with the worship team, helping to clean up afterward, or providing a smiling face to those who attend. Serving is an important part of Jesus's church.

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