As of June 20th, 2021, we began sharing a building with First Baptist Church of St. John at 8665 St. Charles Rock Rd. St. Louis, MO 63114. 

Due to the larger size of the "worship center" and current CDC guidelines, we now have just one service at 9 am: 


  • The service will no longer have capacity or social distancing constraints and for those that are fully vaccinated, you are free not to wear a mask.  We don't plan on verifying the vaccination status of anyone attending but do encourage those that have not been fully vaccinated to continue to wear a mask as outlined by the CDC and St. Louis County.  We also plan to practice normal prayer ministry time for those wanting to participate during this service. 

  • However, the service is mask "optional" so those who still wish to wear a mask may do so. In addition, the size of the space is such that those that still wish to social distance and use precaution will safely be able to do that. 

  • We will continue live-streaming the service on our Facebook page for those that are not able or comfortable attending an in-person service at this time.


  • Beverages and food are not allowed in the auditorium, however, water is permissible. We will often have coffee available in the downstairs fellowship hall for post-service community time. 

  • There is currently no kids program, children are welcome to attend service with their parents.

  • There is access to a nursing mother’s room. It is located in the lobby at the rear of the Worship Center, marked with a "Nursing Mom's Room" sign. 

  • No offering will be passed during the Sunday service, but a black offering box is available in the Worship Center to place your tithes and offerings. There are three main methods to give which you can view here:


Small groups are still meeting and continue to be one of the main sources of fellowship in the church. Some small groups are meeting virtually while others are in person, following current safety protocol. You can find a small group here: 


Please contact the group leader before visiting a small group, to catch up on where and how they are currently meeting.


Our Youth Group is currently meeting via Zoom.

Please contact Jeff Miller for dates and times: 


We do still have office hours, but those hours vary as our staff is mostly working from home.


Please contact either Jeff Miller or Steve Oros for more information: