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For the last several years there has been a move toward a new development on the property we leased at 8675 Olive Blvd, and recently University City has partnered with a local developer to bring in a Costco, causing them to obtain all the properties on our block, including ours. While this was three years in the making, the actual eviction came on very short notice, leaving us little time to find our next location. 


After a great deal of prayer and discussion, seeking God's guidance, we have been delighted in the near term to reach an agreement with another faithful church in the area, FBC St. John, who is graciously sharing their building with us at 10 A.M. Sunday mornings, as well as other times during the week. This is our plan for at least the next couple of years.


City Lights is a church of small groups. We highly value the ministry that God does through us in our homes, in restaurants, in coffee shops, and even outdoors. We love to cultivate Christ-centered relationships that revolve around the Spirit of God in each of us and the truth spoken to one another from the Word of God. During the Covid crisis, we saw the value of our small group structure and what seemed to be God's intention of growing a church where the members are scattered into pockets all over the St. Louis Metro area.


We are blessed to find friendship with First Baptist Church of St. John and co-exist as two like-minded, but distinct local expressions of the Body of Christ in one location. We pray that God will bless both of our churches through this partnership and friendship and that He will use us in whatever ways He has in mind to expand His kingdom and see His people strengthened in faith. We pray also that we will see both churches add new disciples of Jesus to our numbers as the gospel is preached week by week. We are thrilled for this next phase of ministry and for our partnership with our friends, the saints at First Baptist St. John.

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