Moving to a city for college can be an overwhelming experience.

At City Lights, we want to be a church where students can find a home away from home.  We don’t have a “student ministry”; we hope to be a church composed of many students from all disciplines, whether undergraduate, graduate or professional. Our goal is to be a local church body where students can come and be pointed to Jesus while being taken care of by his people, regardless of how long they intend on being in the St. Louis area. 

Whether you attend Washington University, Saint Louis University, UMSL, Webster, or any other area school, we would love to have you check us out on Sunday. Feel free to dress casually and enjoy the coffee/refreshments that we offer, free of charge. 



We offer free rides to and from campus for Wash U and SLU students. If you would like a ride or more information, please email or text Someone from our Rides Team will respond to your email or text and coordinate when and where to pick you up near your campus. Every Rides Team member is known and trusted at City Lights Church to be safe and friendly. 

Please see the our Covid-19 Information page for service information.  
Our Sunday service is now interpreted 
for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing.



8675 Olive Blvd.

University City, MO 63132


PARKING: Parking is available in our main lower lot as well as up the hill behind the church.

Additionally, those without kids are welcome to park across the street at Bob's Seafood and the Tesla Dealership. Parking is also available a block East at Jeffrey Plaza.

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